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We are grateful to our many sponsors who help bring their great products & trips to all of us who love the outdoors! Take a moment to check out their websites (just CLICK on their logos below) and patronize their businesses. Our community is stronger when we are all helping eachother!




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60 years of dedication to animal nutrition. That is the foundation that created MonsterMeal. What does 60 years accomplish? It gives every product you manufacture the quality only our nationally recognized*, “Safe Feed, Safe Food” certified mills can provide.

Our parent company, Tennessee Farmers Co-op stands squarely on their reputation and for 60 years our members have placed their reputations and livelihoods in our hands.

Dedicated mill workers take unprecedented pride in the products they make by carefully screening processes and monitoring incoming and outgoing quality. At MonsterMeal, our nutritionists, mill workers, and support people are also hunters. If you are looking for the best results for your hunt and your herd, MonsterMeal products represent a no-compromise solution for unsurpassed attraction and nutrition.

At the end of the day, anyone can find something deer are attracted to and put it in a bag. If you are ready to experience the benefits of better animals and a better hunt, insist on the only products that consistently deliver both, insist on MonsterMeal.

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