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The Electronic Heated Scent Dispenser by Heated Hunts is the game changer the hunter and hunting industry has been waiting for. Finally a Heated Scent Dispenser that fixes the problems from the last 50 years of heated product failures. There are no chemicals, open flames and hand warmers. The Heated Hunts Scent Dispenser does not have remote controls, can be hung from a tree and you no longer get your hands messy while hunting. Heated Hunts' scent dispenser is made in the United States with quality and craftsmanship in mind.


Check out Heated Hunts Premium Natural Scents, 5x Series Attractants, 5x Series Covers and Apparel.

  • Make Scent Smell Stronger

  • Make Scent Travel Farther

  • Make Scent More Enticing

  • Stop Your Scents From Freezing