Welcome to Wayne County
New York's GREAT LAKE getaway!
Wayne County has a boat full of fishing options. Fish the mighty Lake Ontario; try your angling prowess in our four embayments, or spend a
delightful quiet day fishing the historic Erie Canal.
To enhance your adventure we are host to a number of derbies. The LOC Spring Derby, the Wayne County Pro-Am Trout & Salmon
Tournament and the LOC Fall Derby. For the young anglers the Grand slam & Merchants Challenge Youth Derby runs from late Spring to the
middle of August.
The fishing season opens approximately April 1st, when ice leaves the bays, and charter services place their first lures in the water for
some tremendous spring fishing. Targeted species during the early months include browns, cohos, and steelhead. The action is non-stop.
This type of fishing is truly an exciting adventure. Trout and salmon fishing during the summer months in Lake Ontario switches to the
mighty king salmon, with 30 pounders commonly caught in Wayne County waters. The kings will be boated until late September.
For the bass angler, the third week in June until October has always provided rod bending action in Lake Ontario. We can guarantee
“smallies” from Wayne County! Perch will be in shallower water, and the creative angler can enjoy a perch-bass shore dinner. What a taste!
Good Luck to you when you fish the trophy waters of Wayne County
With a robust population of whitetail deer, and over 10,000 acres of public hunting grounds, Wayne County offers the perfect ingredients for
the hunting enthusiast. And our deer are the trophy sized bucks. A recent study using New York State Big Buck Club's trophy records rated
Wayne the seventh county in the state for producing "wall hanging" deer.
Hunting for wild turkey has become a very popular addition for outdoor sporting enthusiasts, and Wayne County's rural habitat has seen this
magnificent game bird thrive, as the populations remain healthy year after year.
The majority of the public hunting acres or New York State Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) are located along the Lake Ontario shoreline,
which lies within the Atlantic Flyway. Waterfowlers have the opportunity to hunt migratory species as they make their annual flights. The open
waters of Lake Ontario flourish with mergansers, buffleheads, and goldeneyes. The calmer waters of Wayne County bays have abundant
populations of teals, mallards, black ducks, and pintails.

Within the borders of Wayne County, hunters will find great opportunities for their sport. The habitat is here and we become the perfect host,
with our selection of accommodations, restaurants, gun shops, and professional taxidermists who can make your hunting experiences last
Wayne County
Lake Shore Marshes. 6,130 acres, wetland, hiking trails, boat access, parking lot, scenic vistas, birdwatching, cross-country skiing,
snowshoeing, hunting, fishing and trapping. From Rochester, take NYS Route 104 east to the Wolcott area. Any number of roads will
get to the area. Take Lake Bluff Road north (left) to Garner and East Bay Roads. From the Village of Wolcott, take either West Port Bay or
East Port Road north. The eastern portion of the area is north of the Village of Red Creek. Go north on NYS Route 104A to Mixer or Blind
Sodus Roads then to Broadway or Kakat Roads.

Galen. 712 acres, upland, wetland, hiking trails, boat access, parking lot, birdwatching, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hunting,
fishing and trapping. From Rochester, take the NYS Thruway east to exit 41 (NYS Route 414). Go north (left) for 8 miles on Route 414 to
Clyde. As you enter the Village of Clyde turn west (left) on to Geneva Street which turns into Clyde Marengo Road. Go approximately 1 ½
miles and turn west (right) on to the River Road. You will enter the area within a few hundred yards.

Northern Montezuma 7,500 acres of upland and wetland habitat for birdwatching, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hunting, fishing
and trapping. State lands are along Route 89 north of Savannah and Savannah-Spring Lake Road east of Savannah. This area is part of
the 50,000 acre Montezuma Wetlands Complex, which includes the federally-owned Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, and other
lands owned by conservation groups, and private property. The Montezuma Audubon Center is located on Route 89 north of Savannah.
Northern Montezuma Wildlife Management Area Map
Wayne County, NY
Wildlife Trivia
Here is a sample what you can expect spending a day on Lake Ontario off the shores of Wayne County,
NY. This episode featured US Outdoorsman Central and Pursuit Channel trip winner Alvin Kocher as he
fishes with Captain Jerry Snyder, owner of Dandyeyes Charters. This episode aired on the Pursuit
Channel on USOC Adventures TV.
Chimney Bluffs State Park
Discover the Erie Canal
2016 USOC Road Trip winner, Cindy Shenburger from Pennsylvania travels to Lake
Ontario for a Trophy Brown Trout trip with Captain Jerry Snyder, owner of Dandyeyes
Charters located in Wayne County, NY.