The 2019 Iron Man Hunt
Sponsored by Real Outfitters, the Pursuit Channel and USOC Adventures TV
and this website US Outdoorsman Central
Invasion of the Axis Deer
Learn more about the Axis Deer on the above link found on Wide Open Spaces. The chital or cheetal (Axis axis), also known as spotted deer or axis deer,
The Axis Deer, also known as the Chital, is regarded as one of the most beautiful breeds of deer, and they’re a far cry from the native Texas whitetail.
Though not known to be an aggressive species, the primary threat of the axis deer lies in the fact that, large as Texas is, there simply isn’t enough room for two
thriving species of deer. The axis deer and the whitetail must compete for resources.
Good news: The best way to manage the axis deer is also the simplest. You can hunt them whenever you like! In the state of Texas, non-native and exotic game
don’t have a limited hunting season. So, unlike whitetails, you can bag an axis deer any time you like. And we're going to do exactly that with a trip winner!
Wildlife Trivia
An exciting once in a lifetime hunt with  Real Outfitters in TX

The winner of this hunt, man or woman, will have an action packed 3 days and nights of hunting you will have never experienced before, guaranteed!

This will be classified as a challenging
 Iron Man Hunt  (or Iron Woman) because you'll be hunting non-stop, day and night (yes, you will get some sleep). You'll be hunting big Whitetail
bucks and a doe during the day, and the invasive Axis Deer buck and doe at night. You'll also have opportunities for Feral Hogs, Predators and Varmits, days or nights. Don't enter to win
this hunt unless you want the hunting experiences you'll never forget as long as you live. You'll have some exciting stories to tell your friends and family about. This hunt will be with
Real Outfitters in TX. This will be our 3rd trip winner hunt with them and they have never disappointed our previous trip winners that have gone there to hunt. The winner can keep all of
the meat they want or Real Outfitters will donate the meat to local programs feeding the hungry.
This hunt will be taken January 2 - 6th and food, lodging and guides are included.
This hunt will be filmed by USOC Adventures TV Show and air between January - June of 2019 on the Pursuit Channel.
Airfare will be provided by the Pursuit Channel.

It's easy to enter like we've been doing it for years now and more options are available
below to giving you additional  entries to win the hunt.

Simply enter by sending an email to
To be eligible to win the hunt you need to put in the Subject Line:  Iron Man Hunt
Include your name, address and phone number so we can call you when you win the hunt.
As soon as our USOC Adventures TV Show partner the Pursuit Channel has posted a sign up entry on their website, we'll let you know and
you can sign up there to win the hunt too.

But thats not all.

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This Iron Man Hunt was given away in mid December in
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Gary Redmon, IN. Winner of the Real Outfitters Iron Man hunt with Real Outfitters in SW TX.
Gary Redmon, IN.
Winner of the 2019
Iron Man Hunt
Thumbnailed pics
Real Outfitters
Real Outfitters
Real Outfitters
The winner of the 2019 Iron Man Hunt is Gary Redmon, IN.
Congrats Gary!
Gary was hunting for an Axis Buck and Doe at
night with high tech night vision gear, a
Whitetail Buck and a Whitetail Doe during the
day and Hogs, Varmints and  Predators day
and night. The hunt was January 2 - 6.
Although prepared for the night hunts, no
animals cooperated.
Gary with A Big Whitetail Buck
A nice Dall Sheep Ram
A nice Feral Hog
Gary Redmon, IN. Winner of the Real Outfitters Iron Man hunt with Real Outfitters in SW TX.
The 2019 Iron Man Hunt
Sponsored by Real Outfitters, TX
the Pursuit Channel, US Outdoorsman Central &
USOC Adventures TV Show
Gary Redmon, 2019 Iron  Man
Hunt Winner
Read the complete Trip Story from
Gary Redmon and his Iron Man
Hunt to Real Outfitters in SW TX in
January of 2019. See below.

2019 Iron Man Hunt by Gary Redmon

Each year many of us put in for tags for various western hunts and never get drawn.  You can increase your odds by
joining organizations that give away outdoor adventures and gear. I did so by joining
US Outdoorsman Central and the home of USOC Adventures TV that airs on the Pursuit Channel.

This is my story.

After an unproductive Indiana deer season I tried my luck at writing a short essay and entering a contest called The Iron
Man Hunt.  This was a 3-days and night hunting adventure for a variety of game in Texas.  The hunt took place in an open
range environment with low cattle fencing.  The Texas hunt was filmed for TV and sponsored by USOC Outdoor Adventure
TV, the Pursuit Channel and Real Outfitters Ranches, Texas.
Dan Leonard, Host and Founder of USOC Outdoor Adventure TV notified me that I was the 2019 winner.  “Me?  I never win
anything!”  It was like winning the lottery, getting the opportunity to continue my season in a different environment.  
Arrangements were made with the USOC cameraman Tony Lasinki, who traveled from Syracuse, New York, to meet at the
San Antonio International Airport.  From San Antonio we made the two hour drive to the 13,000 acres of the Real Outfitters
Ranches.  These properties consist of multiple ranches near the Texas towns of Eden and Ft. McKavett.  Upon arrival, we
were greeted by Mike Buie, Guide and Founder of Real Outfitters,
Rising early before daylight the first morning, Tony and I were guided to a ground blind for whitetail deer.  It was a cold, icy
start.  There was deer movement in the dawn’s early light and several bucks and does came and went.  Later a couple of
larger bucks moved in slowly and I made the decision to take the most dominant one, a nice five year old, 9-point Texas
With the buck loaded up we headed back for a late hardy Texas breakfast.  In the early afternoon Tony and I moved to
another location and hunted from a tower blind.  Once again, several bucks and does came in and out of the area which
resulted in a nice mature whitetail doe harvest in the late evening.  As darkness took over, Tony and I continued the hunt
with the Aurora SiOnyx day/night camera utilizing the night vision option.  We saw more deer and a couple feral hogs
running around, but we were not able to get a good shot.  Yes, I did hunt day and night for feral hogs, predators and
exotics, all legal in Texas.
The second day started with a whitetail buck and doe already on the meat pole.  Guide Mike Buie made the decision that
we would go for free-roaming Texas exotics; blackbuck antelope, axis deer, Sitka deer or Texas Dall sheep.  The black buck
antelope, axis and Sitka deer were introduced in the early 1930’s and are free-roaming invasive species found in 27
counties outside of high fence operations.    
We continued down several ranch roads, and with the aid of binoculars we spotted a small herd of 7-8 Dall sheep bedded
down with a couple nice rams.  As we slowly stalked our way closer they decided not to lie around, taking off through the
dense thorny bush.  Luckily, we were able to keep them in sight.  Finally, after a two mile stalk I was able to get a shot,
allowing me to harvest a nice Texas Dall Ram.  The Texas Dall sheep is a hybrid cross between a mouflon ewe and a
Rambouillet ram.
After photos and a short celebration, we loaded the ram and started making our way back. Suddenly we came into a huge
open range area, and several speedy blackbuck antelopes ran past us.  That made a stalk impossible.  The blackbucks
continued to run from the bush into the endless open range.  With directions from Mike, I put the 7mm-08 rifle/scope a little
above the shoulder on the last blackbuck doe which was walking slowly.  I was able to make a 400-yard shot to harvest my
fourth Texas animal.   I am told blackbuck antelope meat is one of the best exotic meats around with little or no gamey taste.
The hunting of non-native free-ranging exotics is open year-round, requiring a simple hunting license.  A nonresident
license can be purchased over the counter for the cost of $48, which is a 5-day permit.  Currently there are no game or
possession limits on free-roaming exotics.
That night, as late evening came upon us, the hunting continued with Tony and I sitting in the darkness inside a tower
blind.  We repeated the previous night’s hunt with the use of the Aurora SiOnyx day/night vision camera.  With the help of
the camera, darkness was turned into light and I had great visibility.  Unfortunately, no feral hogs, exotics or predators
could be spotted that night.
On the third day of the hunt, my guide, Mike, led us onto other ranches in search of feral hogs.  We drove through several
ranches consisting of thousands of acres of bushy, open Texas terrain.  Several Sitka deer and blackbuck antelope were
sighted, but since they were free-ranging a stalk was not to be had.
We continued on foot through several cattle gates and among the thorny cactus landscape in the early afternoon.  After a
short hike we found tracks and signs of feral hogs and by following the signs we located several hogs.  After a slow stalk
for over a mile through thorny brush, I was able to once again put the riflescope on a nice feral hog.  I pulled the trigger,
putting more meat in the freezer.
My Texas hunt resulted in a whitetail buck and doe, a Dall ram, a blackbuck antelope doe and a feral hog all in the cooler.  
This brought an exciting conclusion to a dream hunt.  The Iron Man Hunt gave me many unique heart-pounding and
challenging moments.
The food, accommodations and camaraderie was five stars.  Special thanks to Real Outfitters Ranches in Texas, https:
//, USOC Outdoors Adventures TV and the Pursuit Channel for selecting me for the 2019 Iron Man Hunt –
the adventure of a lifetime.
This entire hunt will be aired on the Pursuit Channel, currently on DISH and DIRECT TV, and other local channels starting at
the end of January and continuing through June, 2019.