Probably the worst news any parent can get is that something has happened to one of your children.

Well that's just the kind of phone call My friend John Regan got from his wife this spring in 2011. John is a Project
Ssupervisor for Northland Construction, and has spent the last 10 to 12 years working out of town away from his family.
John's wife Lori holds down the fort while Johns on the road working mostly in the North Country. John and Lori have
three children, two girls Shannon, and Megan, and a son John III. Shannon is senior at Cortland and Meg is a sophomore
at OCC. Young John is a senior  to be this fall at Chittenango High School.  young John and his father are best friends and
seldom, if  ever, not tied at the hips when the two are together. This is a bond that goes beyond words. They are always in
the woods or on a lake fishing, or hunting, they both love the outdoors. Young John is the dream son of any dad wanting
to have a respectful, hard working, well behaved young man that you could be most proud of. That doesn't mean he's an
angel, but by far, mature beyond his years.

Well that call I told you about leading in was Lori telling John Senior by phone to come home in the middle of his work day,
she had just returned from the doctors office with news about their son that would rock their world. Young John had been
sick for several weeks. Mom thought maybe the flu or a virus, but no not anything as simple as that. Young John had just
been diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. After the initial shock young John, with the strength of his entire family
standing tall behind him took on the chemo treatments and now is midway through the radiation portion of the treatmeant
plan. The family held a benefit for young John to help with the mounting cost to fight this disease. Over 1300 people
showed up to show support to young John and raised lots of money for him.

I had an idea and called Dan and Jim of MYUSOC. I asked them both on a conference call if they could help a father who is
an avid hunter, fisherman, and outdoors man, and a young son in the fight of his young life and also a great outdoors man
in his own right, for something special to put dad and son together maybe for the last time in our great outdoors. With out
hesitation the both said they would. You see I was double trip winner with the USOC and I know what a terrific job they
both do. The day of the event Jim showed up and presented a fishing trip on Lake Ontario for father and son. It was a new
outfitter, someone who was egar to get involved with the USOC.. His name is Lou and his charter company is called "Get
the Net Chatters" He was just what the doctor ordered for young John. He's forgotten more about fishing then I will ever
learn. We had the best time, caught tons of fish. John Sr. caught a 28 pound King Salmon, John the 3rd caught a 10 pound
Lakers, and I, the invited guest, caught a 17 pound King. We caught well over 25 fish for the days fishing. Had tons of
laughs. I would highly recommend "Get the Net Charters" to anyone who wants a professional guide who knows the lake
and can put you onto the fish..Lou is the best. Thanks to MYUSOC, to Dan and Jim, you provided the best medicine that
this family could have never recieved from any medical doctor, and that is, kindness, respect, caring and the love and the
power of our great outdoors as a natural healer . God Bless..

Story by Frank Greiner
Frank Greiner,   John Regan middle,

John Regan III    Right
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