Mike Joyner
Scott Norton
Dan Cullican
Maureen McCann
Matt Nies
Harold Wilcox/Caribou
Lou Marullo
 Pat Keiffer on Lake Ontario
Malcom Wettering
Ross Ireland
Matt Nies
Wendell McCargar
 Gary Sr.
Rich Stevens
Dave Wolfersburger
Keith Gilbraith/Moose/Bryson Lake Lodge
Bill Stevens/Woodys Guide Service/Maine
Dave McCann and daughter Maureen
Dan Cullican
Phil Stewart/Mouflon Ram/Texas|130
Wendell McCargar
Mark Ziemba|Halloween Deer
Phil Stewart|Ram
Phil Stewart|Monster Elk
Huntley Brook Guide Service|Brett Hayes and bear
Jonathan Trewhella TX buck
Greg (Father) and Nick Seabury Bucks, NY State
Hunter LaClaire with his first grouse, Dad is Scott next to him
Jon Goodrich
Jon Goodric|Black Bear
Cathy Stahsluk|Trip Winner to Mowhawk Valley Guide Service with Guide William Clute
James Stashluk
Mark Ziemba|Hawaii
Marl Ziemba
Mark Ziemba
Rick Luitich - Maine
Rick Luitich-Maine Moose
Rick Luitich - First Maine Bass
Nick Seabury!Fox Harbour Outfitters bear hunt winner with his bear!
 Albino Deer|Submitted by Steve Ross
Steve Ross with a 3 beard Tom
Gary Benedict Jr. 2012  8 pt. over 180 pds.
David Allen | OH
Chris Daniel|TX Mulie
Chris Levedag|Dolphin
Members: Send your favorite photos with names to dan@myusoc.com
Chris Daniel|NE Duck Hunt
Dan Leonard back yard photo|Bald Eagle pic on 12/23/12  Phoenix, NY
Michael Hack, WI
Kevin Smith
Melissa Sundquist|Winner of Ace Charters and Capatain James Samia-Striper fishing on the Hudson River in NY
Yes Bay Lodge|Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing and a 5 Star Lodge for Dining
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Wildlife Trivia
Dan Leonard|Owner of USOC on Dandyeyes Charters
Greg Hector|Javelina
Dave Wolfersberger
Members Trophy Room -
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Larry White, AZ
Larry White, AZ
11/28/16  Mike Matthews Buck
- Kutmaster-Upstate, NY
Shawn Latour Buck taken this year in the Adirondaks of NY- a nice 10 pointer there, his first one. Congrats Shawn.
Shawn Latour, His first 10 pointer
in the Adirondak Mountain Range
of NY.
Dan Leonard, NY
12/3/16 - 7 pointer
Walter Fritz, MA  2016
New - Walter Fritz, MA  
Angelia Smith, AR 2016
Frank Nicoletti, NC on 12/15/16
Frank Nicoletti, NC 12/15/16
Tim Wooster - MI 12/10/16
I shot this beautiful 12 point on Dec.  
10, 2016 with my Encore
Muzzleloader. Tim Wooster
Brian Andrews,WA  Mule Deer 2016
Dave McCann
Chris Levedag
Detective Paige Taylor|3 deer in one single day!
Keera Schulze
Detective Paige Taylor|3 deer in one single day!
Brian Andrews - Idaho Mule
Deer 2015
New: Brian Andrews -
Clearwater River, Idaho
Steelhead 2016
Konnor Sadownikow 12yrs old,
harvested this beautiful 14pt on the
second day of the gun deer season
this past November.- 2016
Shannon Housh buck at Kokosing River Outfitters, 2016.
Ric Buckles. FL
Kevin Smith
10 year old Savannah Denison from
Missouri. took her first deer in Franklin
County, MO. Conrats to Savannah