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USOC Outdoorsman Central Sportsman Membership Decal
A surprise packet of a  
Iron Skillet Seasonings
Iron Skillet Seasonings |
Iron Skillet Seasonings.
Maxam IV Falcon Lockback Folding Key Chain Knife|Simply a must have and for many reasons.
1ea.  4" x 7" Waterproof Cell Phone Bag
(you can actually take pictures while under water)
LOKSAK | Waterproof Bags
Hermetic Seal – An Absolute Airtight Seal Preventing the Re-entry or Release of Air and Micro-Organisms
Made in the USA
Holds Five Patents
Stock Sizes Ranging from 5″ X 4″ to 16″ X 24″ and 12″ X 48″ for weapon storage
Protects Against Microscopic Particles like Dust and Sand
Recyclable and Reusable
All Touch Screen Electronics Work 100% While Protected in the aLOKSAK
Make and Receive Phone Calls While Phone is Protected in aLOKSAK
               Included in the kit you will receive:
USOC Decal   
USOC pack of Grilling Rub, Fish Seasoning or a surprise seasoning pack of
what we have in inventory.
A Maxam  Falcon IV lockback key chain knife    
LOKSAK  4" x 7" Waterproof Cell Phone Bag 1ea.
Just added on @/27/18  A Celox 4"x4" Stop the Bleeding Treated Gauze Pad   
Just added : A SUBSAK  added on 3/4/18
See all gear items in kit below.     Kit products fluctuate based on   inventory levels.
CELOX - First Aid Stop the Bleeding  Fast Gauze Pad.
1 each of the treated  4-Inch by 4-Inch Gauze Pads
Celox | First Ad-  One Hemostaic 4' by 4' Gauze Pad | Stops bleeding fast.
Just added to Membership Kit on 2/27/18
We Welcome Celox Online First Aid
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Wildlife Trivia
Now the power of Celox is available on a Gauze.
Celox Gauze is an instinctive way of using Celox
to stop bleeding. Just cover the wound and apply
pressure – its safe, easy and very effective. Celox
Gauze™ has highly effective Celox granules
bonded on to the surface of a stable gauze which
will not compact under pressure. Celox’s™
unique, patented and natural formula, works
independently of the body’s normal clotting
mechanisms to clot blood even where normal
clotting is slow. Celox™ First Aid Gauze is
suitable for Surface bleeding wounds,
Lacerations, grazes and minor cuts. This product
is FDA approved as
an OTC medical device.
You can Renew or Join with CC by
calling 315-532-5620 M-F
Just added to Sportsman
Member Kit on 3/4/18
Colors are Black or Blue
Includes Waist Belt and 2 ea, 6.375" by 5.25" aLOKSAK
Bags that are Waterproof up to 200 feet deep
Attention. To All Members:
If buying any of their Stop the Bleeding Treated Products, use the
Outdoorsman at Checkout for Free Shipping.