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Product Description

Remove the cloak of darkness and discover nature’
s night side. Start your own journey and experience
new adventures with BlazeTorch. Put on
BlazeTorch and move through the night, hands
free. Record your adventure in HD quality video.
Upload and share your adventure with night time
enthusiasts worldwide on the Blaze night portal.
Bring On The Night with BlazeTorch!

Sub-lux night sensor
SXGA (1280 x 1024) OLED micro optical system
HD video/audio recording
Up to 128GB SD card
Built-in IR illuminator
Up to 3 hours on internal Li-ion battery
Flip up/down micro display module
Revision Desert Locus™ Goggle System, meets
professional safety requirements
USB Charge Cable included
Blaze Spark
Product Description

Give your smart-phone night vision capability. Peer into the
darkness of night and capture wildlife, sports, and other
activities. Broadcast and share your night experience worldwide
with the companion SparkApp. Bring On The Night with

Sub-lux night sensor
4mm wide angle lens
Support popular cell phones (Android)
SparkApp for streaming and sharing
Up to 3 hours on internal Li-ion battery
USB Charge Cable included
Wildlife Trivia
What makes Blaze so flippin’ awesome?
First platform for consumer night vision  
A new world appears before your eyes
Spectacularly detailed images
Capture events never before possible
Growing “after dark” community  
Share your adventures worldwide
Shares will help Support
this US Outdoorsman Central Free Trips
and Free Gear Membership Program
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